Monday, June 28, 2010

Fuck your shit.

Is it really true, what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling? "Some people call me a distraction, a tool that they use to keep them company until they can finally hang out with the person they want to. You know what, I fuckin agree with them." ...I don't know why but somehow I believe this is more fact than fiction. Sometimes I even feel this way with my friends. Just chilling with me because they think they have to. Well fuck them for thinking that, fuck me for not realizing it sooner. Piss off, just admit it to me so I can find new friends. Especially my friends with a significant other. Constantly texting, thinking about other people when they're with me, I know what you're doing. How would you feel if I did that the whole time and didn't say shit to you. So if you feel like you're only chilling with me cause you have to, fuck off. If you're bored with me? Fuck off. Cause I'm done with having fake friends. That goes for my best friends too...shit can't last forever if I feel like shit.
If you're bored and you find the need to talk to me, I don't give a fuck. If that's your reason for talking to me, what can I say...fuck off?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

So i think this is the death of my blogspot.
Feel free to visit my tumblr, which is in construction.
MuchLove, Peace the fuck out.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is the one where I let it all out,

     I shouldn't be expecting to much right, because it seems like I'm expecting a hell of a lot more than I should. I mean, its not like it should be anymore than it should be, and I'm pretty sure she's not feeling the same way, obviously not. Keep calm, cool, collected for the time being I guess. Like I said before, I've read that letter a million times, and the fact that you haven't read it makes me seem like such a loser hahaha fuhh. Anyways, guess I have to be patient...In my own words, "In Due Time" -Freakin Story of my Life I swear.

   I haven't blogged in a long time and I've got a hell of a lot to say but I guess imma keep it short and sweet. Thank you to all my friends for like...I guess letting me consult you, give me advice, keep me calm, just being  true friends. iLU guys for everythang.

This is where it gets personal, and unless you go to HC, you really wouldnt understand as much haha
Shouts to Vanessa...and now Abby haha, you guys always know what to say and how to say it :) Aha f'reals though, when I told Ness that I was like...struggling through yenno..girl ish as usual haha, she told me to talk to Abby "She always knows the right answer" So I was like, alright sounds cool. Little did I know that Abby completely ooooopened up my eyes to everything in my situation haha, it was kinda like we were going through the same thing. But anyways, thank you AbZaps(if you ever read this) and I hope you know I'm here for you too.

  • Kimmy, keep your head on your shoulders, even if you're feeling on top of the world like I know you are right now haha! Just keep calm, cool, collective and errthang should be Ights! I'm happy for you and I hope it all turns out the way that you want it too be.
  • Anna, lol shiet I like how we were on the bus and shit talking to her about this. Anyways thanks for like chillin with me today at the aquarium and hopefully we get to do this stuff again sometime :)
  • Connie, haha sup cousin. Thanks for always being there for me, givin me a hug whenever I look messed up lol, btw yeaaaah pretty sure I don't want you to buy me shoes, at least not now ;) 
Well, I don't really have anything to generally say to everybody...WHITE KIDS ARE COOL TOO OKAY, they need love as much as every other non-white person does haha. I joke, but nah like RyConnor' Dadson, Vukets, and Campagne are dope man, good time today boys! This weeks been fun, not many more weeks pass by before summer comes. K FUCK, I need to pass math or else I will shoot myself in the face, k thanks.

Some wisdom that I got from Abby, (obviously haha)
"Maybe God has a bigger plan for me that I had for myself"


Playlist#4: Unpredictable.

Updates on my playlist. A lil bit of love, a lil bit of swag for ya.

So Into You - Fabolous & Tamia. (Obviously, this is gonna be my jam forever)
When We Say(Juicebox) - AJ Rafael
Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Someone to Call my Lover - Janet J.
Pyramid - Charice & IYAZ <3 Luhh this song!
Holla At Me - Chris Brown ft. Tyga
Let's Get Married - Jagged Edge (Calm down, its a good song)
Click - Shawn Dezman

Aha Anyways, Muchlove

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I wanna blog, but i have no time.
this doesn't count :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Elle Est,

She rocks Nikes, she rocks Vans
Not afraid to rock the New Era Cap
She plays guitar, can sing for a bit.
Got a good head on her shoulders, knows what`s up
Down to party, just not too much
Prettiest girl you`ve ever seen
Chill with the fam, in and out.
Take care of her, she`ll take care of you
You wouldn`t wanna lose her, she`s the bestest*
I`d hold on to her forever if I were you.

Tell me you remember,


Why does everyone have to use tumblr, haha no one uses blogspot anymore. Maybe I should make one..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playlist #3: Infatuation. & More.

Totally noooo homo but f'reals, JB's new song is pretty dope. Not gonna lie he's a pretty good artist, but in real life he's a little faggot. Try not to hate on me :S

U Smile - Justin Bieber
Hey Daddy - Usher ft. Plies
PYT (PrettyYoungThing) - MJ
Do You Remember - Boyz II Men
Selfish - John Legend ft. Yeezy
Healing - Jagged Edge
New Girl - New Boyz
thas'it I want to get Obviously.
Jordan2Retro,Jordan3Retro,VansEra, NikeAirRoyal(Mint)
^Not like this matters to anyone, just sayin ahaha.

Peace, Love, Black/Red/White Rainbows,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So basically this is just a list of songs that I want to make covers of, Ill be lucky if I do two or three haha.

Drive Myself Crazy - N'Sync
Livin A Lie - Dream ft. Rihanna
Lucky - Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat 
Lemonade - Passion
Selfish - John Legend & Yeezy
Where Did My Baby Go - John Legend
Cross The Line - John Legend
Some Drake song, cause Drake's dizzope 
Some Usher song for the sake of...its Usher that's why.

"If Ya'll Fresh To Death, Then I'm Deceased."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ahh Shoot, you would Mendoza.

So I've been watching wrestling all day...dgaf I'm too friggin lazy to change it. Americans are so crazy, just sayin. If I ever cried watching wrestling like these people I'd shoot myself in the face.

Ye, I'm not gonna post about whatever, cause I don't wan't to go through it. I just like how when I'm down in the dumps  my friends can pick me up, and even tell me to stfu and stop whining already haha!
Sorry, I'm not gonna make this long either sooo yeah..i just hate how I rage out when I'm mad, I wish I could just stfu f'reals. Values for the week, as if I ever do this haha,

  • Humility.
  • Self-Representation.
  • Dedication.
Would I change for you, would I change for anygirl, meh..hopefully you'll love me either way.
Alrighty, I'll watch TimothyDeLaGhetto, and Ilikegrass videos till I sleep :) the best. And if that doesn't work...Pokemon anyone?

TresHurt For All Times,


Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.
I Corinthians 13:4-8


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Playlist #2: Steezy

General playlist, emotionally driven? Haha iunno yo.

Entourage - Omarion
Icebox - Omarion
Nothin on Me (RMX) PMac&JVoQalz
Go On Girl - Ne-Yo
Selfish - John Legend ft. Kanye
Soundtrack To My Broken Heart - Mario
Yo - Chris Brown :) haha
I Finally Know - Boyz II Men
New Girl - New Boyz
I Can Be More - Lloyd ft. J.Holiday

If you love, then you love, If not just peace it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

YouKnow ;)

NathanShawnMichaelWayna album by BIIM is probably one of my favourites from them go listen to it if you're ever lookin for music.

Your My Strength When I Wan't To Give In.

This is the one where I go all Religious on you,

Going to a Catholic school we have the privilege of going to mass at lunchtime on your own choice. I know people think it's uncool or whatever just the idea of wanting to go to lunchtime mass(if you go to HC y'all know what I mean) Anyways, I think its like the perfect opportunity for everyone. Sometimes I feel that people don't really care about praying or anything considering religion unless they're getting something in return. Like I know just "praying" is good right? But like, people will just pray for an A on their test, or a Xbox for their birthday. Maybe they get it, maybe they don't. Regardless, after this event has happened people just stop praying not even giving thanks upstairs^
Im not trying to be a priest or anything, all I'm saying is that you should just make an effort to give thanks for the little things.

If you're not Catholic/Christian...this is akward.

If you're reading this maybe you should like, read a book or some shit haha JOKES,
Ight, PzEzy

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playlist #1: Needless To Say.

Just a couple of songs off my general playlist, cause we all know you can't listen to 1500 songs on your ipod errday.

CudderIsBack - KidCudi
Electric Feel - MGMT
Homecoming - Kanye West & Chris Martin
Cricketz - New Boyz ft Tyga
Stranded - Mario
LOL :-) - Trey Songz ft. Soulja Boy & Gucci Mane
The Best - Soulja Boy
The Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi & MGMT

Peace Love Eat & Sleep,

I Said, Ooh Girl.

What up What up

  Sup, haha I like how I didn't make a post about how my birthday went, whatever its dondeez now and I'm not really in the mood anymore sorry! Soooo, I had an interesting talk with Nessa today hahaha :) (Im not gonna go in details) So basically, I was in a situation...well I can't even explain it. LOL BASICALLY, she used the classic phrase "Would you want some guy to be doing that with your sister" and I was like, I think not? Haha anyways, she definitely cleared my head from all the things that were tying knots in my head haha. So don't worry Ness, even if I do "you know what" I'll take care of her haha <3 Oh and Religion class, pretty sure it was the most interesting class of the day for once lol! Basically Friedman got friccckin told by Nessa haha peace out! Oh yeah ERock your so gay for playing that song in know ;) but your forgivin for making a legit plan gj.

Oh yeah, i just started watching Timothy DeLaGhetto vids on youtube recently, this dude is hilaaaaaaarious haha!

Anyways Peace, Love, and LOL Smiley Face,

TrésHurt #2

Shop Friday "Sumo Money, I got Heavy Paper"
Party Saturday

  1. Hope It actually goes down
  2. Hope "everyone" goes.
  3. Chill on my roof, yenno.
  4. Watch Up? Yay, finally
  5. Goodies? Yes please.
  6. Play COD
  7. Possibly Record
  8. Don't piss off rents?
  9. Get acquainted again..?
  10. Have fun, check check.
Ahh yeah so I know I'm asking a lot this week from my fam, with a party and all. Just hope that everything goes down, and everyone can come. No joke, it wouldn't be the same if one of you couldn't come, the whole dynamics of the system would be flawed to the highest degree of extendability to the Bank of Montreal. Don't ask me about the whole Bank Of Montreal thing, I think I'm drunk and don't know what I'm talking about. But I don't know if I'm drunk cause I've been home all day and I've never consumed an alcoholic beverage in my life...

I know we're not supposed to go to church for like.... possessive natures in mind, but like..I'm trtying to go to church all week just to like, pray to God that this stuff goes down yenno.? Yeeah I know I'm a bk, but I just hope everything and everyone goes if i haven't said this before.

Praise, Love, Eat, Sleep.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Young4Evs, Re-Up.

I like how my captioning was 16 going 17, going on life.
Guess what im not freakin 16 anymore so...I don't even know haha

I have to wake up at like 9:30 tomorrow what the fuck -.-

Ok There Michael.

So I kinda wanted to post today about my birthday-day? But I think its best if I don't post when I'm pissed-off, yeah? So yeah I'll probs post tomorrow when I'm bored at my cousins house, sounds good.

Anyways if you happen to come across this just read my last "entry" its pretty interesting I guess haha

KMuchLove & and Peace,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

IknowYouLoveMe, IKnowYouCare. JustShoutWhenever, AndI'llBeThere.

I don't know why, I'm freakin out so I can get this done before 12. You could call this the "BirthdayBlog"
Here we go.

  Remember the days when you were in grade 7? Not really a care for school, life was all about chillin with friends, maybe you had a little crush when you were 12, 13. Ahh elementary school love, I remember it well haha. Doing the most corny-ass stuff like putting I Love "So and So" as your msn name? Haha y'all know what I mean, I even remember you guys doing it, you know what I mean ;) Good times, reminiscin' like mad right now just before I turn uhh..17 hard to spit it out. Fck, I miss it soo much right now, and I don't even know why. What other things did I do in grade 7? Uhh...just constantly on msn,(not so much now, I think?) VancouverXChange,(So embarrrasing) and of course the infamous Nexopia -.- I think I still remember it, but let's not go there shall we. Being excited for High School and what not. I know I was. I had so many choices to go to: Holy Cross of course, Johnston Heights, and Fleetwood Park. The reason of why I chose HC is beyond me and a choice I still haven't comprehended to this day. But honestly I love my friends, they have my back for everything I do, most of them anyways. I know errbody knows I put down HC a lot, but it's not cause of you guys, remember that now.
  All I know is that I'm becoming less of a kid I guess, growing up is tough. Next thing you know I'll be graduating, going to university, deciding my whole life. Oh wait...I am graduating soon, and going to university.
Fack I'm so old, it makes me sad. I know that some people just treat their birthday like nothing and would rather keep it to themselves, but I'm not afraid to go up to people and be like, DID YOU KNOW ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! (Besides the whole birthday-beating system, yenno...fck you guys) But yeah haha, I'm so gay I know.
  So yeah obvs, I'm gonna post this on my Facebook page, and if you say happy birthday thanks so much, I'll remember it f'reals. Whoever's first, good luck to you. Kirby Santos claims to be number 1?
  Eventually I'll grow up and forget about all my little problems, outbreaks, spazz-out moments, gayness, fail attempts that equals Michael Mendoza.
  Just wanna thank God for giving me 17 years of a wonderful life. Ups&Downs Good&Bad, I always have someone, something there to protect me, save me, love me.

Ahhhhhh so much building up in my mind right now, hard to get it all out. Hopefully I did yenno ^UP^ there?

Happy birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me.

P.S. I'm kinda mad at my fam right now -.- So if by some mystical-godlike-force you see this, sorry for being a brat? Yeh K Pce.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


First of all, I'm too lazy to make my blog look "fancy" so I just added an LB picture? Haha good touch!
Fuck what you heard, I'm not tied down. I don't know how that's getting around, I wish I was haha jokes, jokes. But anyways whats good? Haven't really "posted" in a while I know. To be honest I've been kinda frustrated lately. Tryin' to figure what I should be doing, Freakin Course Selections are due tomorrow and I still have like 4 or 5 classes to fill in, and what am I doing, blogging of course. I don't know what the huge fascination  of blogging is, I'm still trying to figure out.

"Michael Mendoza, notorious for his random vents/outbursts." - Everyone.

In all seriousness I think that blogging can be good for you. Even though random-ass people at HC that I don't even know read my blog, THANKS :) Even though...yeah yenno. S'all good though, cause at least my opinion is getting out, sure k thanks again? I like how my friends from soccer and my friends from the football team watch my covers on facebook and don't mention it to me until I see them in person, AB haha!

Random Moment: Think back 3 weeks ago. I remember I was going to a pizza party event with my soccer team, being the only Filipino on the team I felt that it was purely my obligation to appear 30 minutes late. (Yeah y'all know what I mean haha!) Anyways, when I arrived they were all looking at me. All I could do is sit down silently, look up, and say, "What Up?" in an akward face. Apparently that was the first time they've seen me out of a soccer outfit, and they were going on about my style, "Hey, Mike's got swag. Hey I'm feelin Mike's outfit." And all I could do was not my head and say, "Thanks?" AHA anyways thanks kids.

If I don't respond to you on msn, text, or facebook please don't hate me! I have short-term memory loss and i am a schizophrenic.(Clearly looked up how to spell skitzofranic) But yeah if you really wanna talk or chill, freakin call me. Cause people always ask me to chill over msn and that other crazy stuff and I'm always like, "Oh yeah sure, whenever's cool" And then when "whenever" comes around, nothing ends up happening. So yeah just call me.

Last off, its almost my freakin birthday...I still don't really know what to do. Or what to ask for... :) All I know is that just means im that much closer to graduation, ma gaaaad.

Course Selection Choices? BeeTeeDub, my sheet is crumpled, they're probably going to expel me for this..

  • English 12 - I actually like English, well the creative writing for the most part.
  • Religion 12 - It's not YFC, I can tell you that. I wish it was.
  • Biology 12 - I actually like Bio, and I can stay interested in it.
  • Law 12- Hell yeah, Just try and dis my mama, I'll come at you with a rebuttal.
  • Physics 11- Cause everyone else is taking it...JOKES!
  • Other possibilities I'm not sure of: Foods, Writing, PE 12, Geography?
All I can say is, I really wan't a spare. People doing French 12 are crazy -.- And I still don't know what to choose omfg... Am I really supposed to decide my life by tomorrow, cause it sure seems like it.

I really feel like pouring out right now but fuck it/fuck you :)

MuchLove, I luhhh you...Tres Hurt Anyone?

P.S. You're so fuckin hurt. Just stop it, you know who you are. And yes if your second guessing if its you, it obviously is.

Monday, March 8, 2010


He takes a glance into the future.
Unsure of where he wants to be, who he wants to be.
Not knowing of what he could become, limitless potential.
Unable to acknowledge everyone around him.
Learning about humility everyday of his life.
Always looking back, barely looking forward.

He wants to be everything she wants him to be & more.
She just wants him to get lost.
He would do anything for her, anything to make her smile,
She doesn't understand, keeps him waiting a while.
He waits day after day, for that second chance.
She has no idea of what she really wants,
He knows she's exactly what he wants & more.
And it's funny cause she doesn't have a clue,
That he's totally in love with her.

Maybe he'll get his chance, who knows.
One day he'll move on, move on from his old ways.
Accompanied with fortune, friends, family, and his faith.
Nothing but his heart on his sleeve, and a smile on his face.
He'll persevere and break free from his two-dimensional self.

"We fall only to rise up again. We set goals, only to exceed them. We believe in our destinies so we can persevere."

MJMendz. P.S. dont think its me..cause its not :)


Fuck waiting, I need to do this shit nooooooow!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

1Way, 2Do, 3Words, 4You.


Ayoooo what up, what can I say. Sucks that I don't have spring break and everyone else does, thats cool. Anyways I find it funny how errbody seems to be "goin out" :P (Hello Sam...:P ) And im just chillin here, alone fml...Haha jokes s'all good I guess I'm a work in progress. Cause there actually is someone that I'm into you could say...lulz I dont even know yo. So yeah, dont really know what to do. Taking my time is so gay, but at the same time I dont wanna force it or anything, yenno. But at the same time I should "man-up" as they say. Iunno, no rush. Or is it? ;)
BTW look out for a Lemonade cover with Me & Kevin in the near future!
This week I received some advice from one of my friends, "Don't Be A Faggot!" I dont know about you, best advise i've heard in a long time haha

Anyways MuchLove,

"Hello world, this for the guys who said I get no girls. This is for the girls who said I had no great looks, now those same girls wanna add me on Facebook."

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Sooo random thoughts off the top of my head once again, you could call it a vent if you wanted haha.
-My new catch phrase is Trés Hurt. Don't ask me to explain it, I don't even know what it means geeze. Nessa was there to witness the birth of a great catch phrase, just sayin haha :)
-I've spent so much money in the last two months, shiet. But today was probably the best pick up. I got a Jordan shirt, with a Jordan bag and what can I say, its dope as fuh.
-Not much really to say...Oh yeah hopefully my rents get me that Phils jacket tomorrow.

My rooms a mess yo, I should clean it up.

Anyways hopefully this night doesn't end up Trés Hurt. FML JUST READ MY OTHER POSTS OK, THIS ONE IS SHIT.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


What I learned just now as I'm writing this is, is that some times you just have to do things on your own. Don't ask anyone for help, and don't tell anybody. Once your goal is achieved, then you can brag lol!

Oh March, the best month of the year how I've missed you. I love how I have no pro-d days in March, I love that most of my friends have spring break, and I love how many times I've had to resist scratching my eyes due to my stupid and I mean S.t.u.p.i.d allergies! Haha you know what its alright though, cause March has been pretty dopes so far. What's today...March 2? Yeah March 2nd anyways, I'm thinking that today was actually a pretty good day! I can't really explain it though, I guess everyone just seemed chilled, joined track (not officially), thought I did well on my English in-class write up, hopefully? aha Nevertheless, good day (Y)

So since its the beginning of March I might as well do this...
Btw side comment before I forget it: Some people are really emotional and just build it up, lemme tell you let's just say I've got a lot of "spirit" and my "spirit" tends to get out of hand sometimes, JUST SAYIN' :P

Anyways what I'm trying to do is this: What will your March be like?
  • Well first off...Its ma birthday, lets just say I'm one of those losers who hypes up his birthday to the world so errbody will know! But my other entry to see how I feel about turning dix-sept ans. I honestly don't know what I'm doing with my birthday. Lemme see, the usual fam party where I get all the dough, haha KIDDING much love though. Umm chill sesh with HC, do it ups! And of course chill sesh with the "bestfriends."
  • So, I demonstrated my Canadian pride last month right? So now Its time to demonstrate my filipino pride. How will I do this you may ask? Well I dunno, shouting like a fuckin maniac when Manny Pacquiao fights?! Haha shieet thas wassup. March 13, on your calendar, remember that. If you don't watch I will fight you myself. But it's usually a struggle deciding where to watch the Pacquiao fight with my family. I wanna watch it with ma homies, but my family thinks its like...a family gathering or someshit. Well technically it is but, what the hell, its not easter or anything come on now. All I'm saying is that if you are the person who is watching with me, you should really bring a camera and record me spazzing out. At least I think its awesome haha!
  • Okay so first of all, I really don't give a m'fck what you think about me when I say, POKEMON COMES OUT NEXT WEEK. Holy shit, I think this is what I'm most excited about haha. I swear if you see me in my free time, I will probably be playing this shit, hell I'll probably be playing this shit till the end of the year. Straight up ;P I dunno about you, but Pokemon is like...a childhood passion that will stick with me fo' life.
Okay so if your wondering, I actually have vents on my Blackberry. Its hilarious, cause its so much more personal than blogger. Sorry for my eyes only ;) And hope I gave you something interesting to read Nessa :) lols!

Yenno, they say don't turn the page, it will only ruin your chances. But how about we take that chance.
MuchLove, MjMendz

P.S. If you wanna get me something for my birthday get me Ray-Ban Wayfarers, cause I really don't wanna buy them myself <3>

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today will probably go down as one of the most memorable days in Canadian history, and it'll probably be one of the most memorable days in my life as well. Hearing my dad say, "I know Crosby will score the winner" still gives me goosebumps! I can say that, I know where I was, who I was with, and how I was feeling when Canada won the gold in the most decorated hockey game in the history of the game. The hype was undeniable for sure, you couldn't get away from it if you tried to. The countless "GO CANADA'S!" and "LUUU's" that filled the cold streets of Downtown Vancouver are enough to keep your spirit energized for the rest of the night, I'm just glad I got to experience all of the magic. So off the top of my head, here are a couple of things that stuck out to me during the olympics.

-Clearly my family does not spending money on food during the olympics. 6 dollars for a plate of chow mein is freakin robbery at its finest.
-Tourists make me want to live in England or Melbourne for a year, just so I could have the privilege of having an accent and making the girls squeal by other than singing. Jokes about the last part ahaha :P
-Everyone was a Canadian. Even if you were filipino, chinese, indian, or italian. Clearly the Maple Leaf was the symbol of unity, lets keep it that way.
-One Of the Highlights of my day was when the whole sky train (including me) sang Oh Canada, it was amazing!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I like how I posted about girls. It makes me laugh how stupid I "was"
If you read this, or my last post, don't worry this isn't anger. If you can believe it, this is just a conservative vent lol.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skippy, The Peanut Butter Squirrel.

Ahh what up! Haven't posted a serious "post" in a while, so here we go.

So...I haven't even brought up props yet but, props to Nessa :) ! Goodness thanks for having everyone over haha, bonding was dopes! Even though it wasn't the same cast as last time it was fun as usual. Hope we didn't leave a big mess or anything, wish me & ange could've slept over. (I don't know what's wrong with that child, she's just plain weird!) If you want...we could do it at my house next time?! Anyways thanks again and God bless you :) BTW, yeah dont worry you were a great host haha! Secondly the stupid olympic break...I love how on some of the days where I wanted to chill, my parents would tell me that I needed to do something "important" during the middle of the day and ruins the whole "plans" deal. FML, yeah so they better let me have a spring break too or else im gonna be pissed off! So yeah, I didn't really do much, but I didn't really do nothing either so, I guess rating it a 5/10 ain't bad. Corrina's party! It was dope just as I expected! My performance was...ok I guess, but I feel happy that people tell me I did good even though I know I sucked haha! Thanks again for the invite Corrina! FML again, didn't get to record with Marck today cause someone messed up my plans :( Thanks again! Maybe I'll spend the night away recording some epicness on my own lol. Just me and the instrumental, since I can't play guitar yet, oh yeah! IM GONNA LEARN HOW TO PLAY GUITAR BITCHES! Don't hate, don't hate. Yeah sorry if this thing is random as hell, most of my posts are like this anyways. So...I'm wearing this Jade necklace I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to cause it's some buddhism ish, someone help me out? ANYWAYS, yeah pretty suckish olympic break. Oh yeah Downtown Vancity, its pretty amazing isn't it? Except for the yenno...people who want to start shit? Iunno its hilarious all-round. I find it funny when the lyric in rap songs is "I wanna kiss you in between your thighs" Its like what the fuck...thats the nastiest thing haha. I've spent so much money this month...not even cool, pretty sure im gonna spend some more money tmr, which is both good and bad I guess. BUT WHO CARES, ITS MY BIRTHDAY NEXT MONTH :):):):):):):) Yeah I was never one to celebrate my birthday, maybe I will/probs not. I like how when its of my best friends birthdays i make them videos and shit, we'll see if that happens/once again probs not. Yay, I'm 17 m'fcka ;) March 19, remember it!

In all seriousness...break it down
-Yeah so..shit I'm turning 17, kinda scared haha. But age is nothing but a number isn't it? Ahh, I just think that I need a serious reality check. (People who read this are lucky, they get to see how I really feel) So sometimes you feel like your the shit, when clearly your not. You can talk the m'fckin talk, but you can't walk the m'fckin walk. Which is...the story of my life.
Lesson learned: Be humble, people will respect you more.
-So...i'm probably the most stupid/emotional/delusional kid on this side of the earth, yeah? I'm such a "noob" for hanging on the edge for so long, how many times do I have to write about this situation to get it outta my system. Fck You m'fcker
K Cool?
-Kyle your such a good driver, real talk haha. Thanks for chillin wit me tonight, much love.
-So...yeah I haven't started my homework yet fml. Pretty sure I'm gonna die tomorrow just looking at the paper again, fck. NESSA, WE'RE SCREWED :( hopefully we get most of it done haha.

Anyways yeah sorry for the randomness, dont worry I ain't high.
M'fckinMJMendz. PEACE IT :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sup homo I know your gonna read this, haha.
So yeah I'm not gonna tell you who it is just yet, like I said in due time it'll all be settled out.
Anyways yeah, get better hope your not dying :P

Btw im wearing that leather jacket today haha, hope it doesnt look gay.

MuchLove: MjMendz

Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's just say you're in my Zone.

Call it a diversion.

Every time I think about it/you, it makes me sad/pissed/happy at the same time. Haha f'real its indescribable. Cause you know I'd never say/do anything to harm you, anything to put you down, anything to make you cry. You can always count on me to put that smile on your face.

Don't you realize, I would do anything for you. Or at least I would have...

I'm not gonna bother you or anything. You got my digits, call me up whenever your free. I just wanna check up on you ight.

MuchLove, MjMendz

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Is it safe to say I'm thinking about the summertime already? I know it's only February but it all seems dull to me. Looking back on old times chillin with my homies in the summer when everyone could be down was the best feeling. It's funny because as I'm writing this I'm also listening and jamming out to This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan, fitting isn't it? Anyways all I know is that this summer will be the best summer yet, I can feel it.
For once I won't be:
  • Working?
  • Stuck at home?
  • Babysitting? Well we'll see about that.
  • Bored as fuhhhh.
Yeah but anyways, I already have plans on like...what to do, but who the hell would write that down. I'm heavily contemplating taking summer school in the summer, I mean its six weeks of school in the summer. Sure I'll get ahead but fo'real its summer I couldn't even stay up late at night. Haha the fuck, we already know I sleep at 12 on the daily :P

What am I predicting for olympic break? I dunno? Gym, tan, and yenno...laundry <3>

All I'm saying is, when I'm out there on top, your admiring the shine the feelings of admiration will not be synonymous along with mine. What the hell am I talking about? Youuuuu Knoooooow, cause I don't.

"Baby you should let me love you , let me be the one to, give you everything you want and need."
Happy Valentines Day...1 is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

Haha "f the police" as you hooligans would say, I really could care less what Valentines day is, I could've done something, pretty sure I would just be shot down and thrown in the trash otherwise. Why so emo?

I apologize to those of you who read this, must be entertaining as hell. Anyways I have a soccer game tomorrow playing against younger faggots. I swear if I see that kid someones gonna get knocked the fuuuuuuck out. Haha kidding, not really. yeah kidding. In all seriousness I think I will get a red card tomorrow, hell yeah.
S'all good in the hood friends.

"And maybe sometime we could hook up, hang out, just chill"

Colour Coated Much? GoodLookinOut&MuchLove,
What up what up. Its been a while...2 days really?
Anyways haha I like how people are already talking about me making a cover, fml :S hopefully I live up to the hype lols. I'm lookin to making like 3,4 covers during the break maybe even more. My cover with Kevin of course, no joke this cover's got so much purpose behind it only me and Kevin understand lol. And of course LHD what up nigs! The last cover I wanna do is Lucky by Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Cailait, haha I have no clue how that'll work cause I don't know any girl that can play guitar, or would want to sing with me :P One cover that I really want to do is a Endlessly&GodMustveSpentALittleMoreTimeOnYou cover, it would be dooooopes!

Eventually I`ll AJRafael-it up, sup girls.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


One phrase can sum up this whoooole week. "WTF?"

Haha anyways, shoot this week's been so messed up I don't even know what's going on. My report card was pretty decent besides the fact that my math was a freakin failure. I swear my mom should've beaten me with a stick haha. I feel bad at the fact I didn't get any punishment, Thank the Lord.

Oh YFC...first of all thanks Sam for coming last week. Haha don't worry I wasn't expecting the oddness of that GA either :P Anyways...oh yeah my worship. Thanks to everyone who said I did good lol, don't worry I know I sucked. I'll be better next time, once I get more comfortable. Those people who want to join YFC, JOIN! Especially the peeps at HC who haven't joined yet, do it up yo.

What else can I say? Iunno just a little taste before I go to soccer. Wow's lames -.- I'll reblog later Peace IT!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aye...Have I ever mentioned?

Dear __________,

I put you so high on that pedestal for a reason.
Your flawless to the fullest. I'm not lying when I say that.
I can't find anything that would make me feel less attached, less attracted to you.
You make me smile, you make me happy.
I make you smile, I make you happy.
Your smile brings up my day, I hope I can bring up yours.
You can make me do the stupidest things, even if it makes me look like a fool, I'd still love you for it.
I could sing the night away, serenading you to sleep.
You bug me, I bug you. It's how our system works.
Mesmerizing. Infatuation shouldn't even be mentioned when it comes to you.
ShowStopper you are so hot and I can't get you off my mind <3
I truly mean it when I say, GoodLookinOut&MuchLove.



Have you ever been so sure of anything in your life that it was for certain? Sometimes you withhold these feelings of misconception that can lead you in the completely opposite direction of what you are trying to achieve, so what can you do?

Honestly, I pray to God. Asking Him for guidance, hoping he'll lead me on the right path. When you pray for something, sometimes you hope for a quick response thinking that He will give you a straight up answer right away. But you've got to remember that He works in mysterious ways. My own personal prayer wasn't answered within a few days, or a matter in face my prayer may have just been answered during my "exposition/vent" right now, weird eh! God is good, he most definitely works in mysterious ways. All I can say is, if your prayer isn't solved don't lose faith. Scratch that...Never Lose Faith. Sure you might end up going through tough times in your life but you'll probably come out stronger & wiser than you once were. I know I am and I thank God for every trial he's put me through cause I know I can wake up the next day more blessed than I would've ever imagined.

P.S. Shouts to you, I hope you read this. Miss you fo'real. Always know I'm here for you whenever, wherever. Just know I pray for you, hope they reach out to you and hope you'll be aight. K? Good :)

Thanks to those who read, just remember the Grass'll be Greener on the other side.


Saturday, February 6, 2010


Non-purpose entry I guess :P

Shouts to RTB aka CaptnPepe, KelsMerflo, MVP, and...Jake haha, shiet I miss our summer hang outs and what not. Who knew chillin' in Langley practically everyday could be pretty dope! Whether it was taggin' it up, watchin' the latest flick, watching cats fight, or recording Kyle eating food we always did the stupidest things, but it was all the fun. Hopefully we get back to our usual routine in Summer10' its gon' be legit for sure.


Zomg! Olympics in 1 week no way! ...Haha shoot, I'm sorry but honestly I don't give a hoot about Olympics, goodness its Winter Olympics and its not even snowing/barely cold..what the hell. All I care about in the Olympics is Men's hockey because I love hockey. The benefits of hockey are also good like the new Canada line, Vancity streetcars, and tooooooons more stuff! February will be a good month depending on one thing, and one thing parents reaction to my report card. I'm dreading this day terribly knowing my laptop will be taken away, not being able to go out, and not going to all the parties.


And unfortunately that means that LHD would be in jeopardy too. I'm looking forward to making covers with Marck, Eric, and especially Kevin. But my cover with Kevin comes first. It'll hopefully win over the "peeps" the purpose of our cover alone is enough to motivate us. But honestly I don't give a fuhh' about the report cards...Its time toLockerDown
(Tea and a teaspoon of Olive Oil ftw!)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010



- Swag is that feeling you get when you could bob your head to the music when in fact, no music is being played.
- Swag is when you know you look good, and other people see it too. That feeling where you could holla' at anyone and always get positive feedback :P
- Swag is when the girls smile, and the guys give you dirty looks.
-In times of awkwardness with a girl instead of looking at your phone, make an effort to say what up. = Swag.
- You look just as good in Old Navy as compared to let's say...Gay Ed Hardy. = Swag.

Not Swag.

- Rockin that shit so your jeans are around your thighs and people can see your boxers.
- Rockin Beats by Dr.Dre head phones when.....they are not plugged in to anything.
- Ed Hardy Party?
- Fape, Fair Fordan, Fillionaire Foys Flub? Get it, Get it? ;)
- Being a cocky-ass Guido motherfucker.

Haha random post much, i think so.



"What motivates me is not the decision to move forward, but the decision to move on."

Alright chilren' what up. School's bunk as usual haha, but at least I can focus in school for once. No cell phones in class is actually a good rule. At least I don't have to text "her" anymore shiet, like f'real who are you more commited to? The girl, or the phone! What the hell am I talking about...Anyways yeah what up, I think I've accepted my 1st term failures, should be fine I guess. I just thank God that my mom hasn't raged out on me yet even though she hasn't seen my card yet. Who really knows, I could be dead by February 11th! Seriously though Term 2 is make it or break myself.

"Money motivates the mind. Motivation moves ya body."

Have you ever spent do much time talking/texting/being with someone that they become somewhat of a priority to you? Just be real and know that unless your spending your life with that person, that shits gonna go away, and you'll miss it when your gone. There are certain people that...well what can I say, are attached to each other 24/7? Naming names is suicidal so I'll stfu on that :) But honestly, thats not a good habit, yeah sure chillin with significant others is all good. But what about your family? Your Friends? Your Grades?
Eventually I'll know how to form my blogs into proper writing form haha!

"There are times when you need someone, I will be by your side. There is a light that shines, special for you and me." - The Light by Common.

Shouts to Nessa haha what up, hope this doesn't distract you once again :P

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Commitment Really?

What is commitment. I couldn't tell since i haven't been committed to anything in a very long time.
Let's go through a list shall we:
  • Soccer - I am not commited to soccer whatsoever. I freakin wanna quit this ish' so badly. 11 years of it and I guess its gotten on my nerves. Why do I stick in it? Not sure, I guess those friends I've made for so many years keep me in it. After all, hard work builds character.
  • School - Honestly, I've never been so scared for my marks in my life as I am now. No offense to my classmates..but the people that are not as smart as I am getting better grades than me? I'm sorry but that's really fucked up. But I applaud your achievements. They might just be the things I need to keep myself from slacking off. I'm not trying to hate on your success, I just get really pissed off about that ish :)
So second term is here, fresh new start I guess. Funny thing is how of all the grade levels in high school grade 11 is probably the most important one of all. Too bad most of my friends and I did not realize this till our term 1 marks began to rear their ugly heads. Once again I have this urge to try hard in school not only too please myself, but to please my rents' just to thank them for giving me everything that I have, but I haven't even began to do that have I. Fail at life = MikeMendoza.

January, January, January...what can I say, you were clearly a fucked up way to start my year. I wouldn't say that a lot of shit went down, maybe it just appeared that way. I felt like shit in the beginning of the month, but whatever I learned more in the long-run I guess. I really hope that certain people don't see this but dgaf. It honestly was the worst I felt in a long time. F'real it wasn't even that bad, I don't even know why I was trippin' for so long, I guess it just takes me a long time to get over certain things/people. But whatever I'm good now, better than I was then for sure.

These are what you could call my values in life:

Thank "you" for showing me what I need in my life, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in a month, maybe not in a year. But sometime we could pick this shit up again.

Who needs: The money, cars, clothes, or the hoes? Cause we all no that Cash.Rules.Everything.Around.Me.

Anyways, good first entry? Haha whatever I don't give a fudge about this. Peace It.
Shouts to NessaLicerio :) whaaaaat up haha!

GoodLookinOut & MuchLove:


This picture is the story of my life, ahah