Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playlist #3: Infatuation. & More.

Totally noooo homo but f'reals, JB's new song is pretty dope. Not gonna lie he's a pretty good artist, but in real life he's a little faggot. Try not to hate on me :S

U Smile - Justin Bieber
Hey Daddy - Usher ft. Plies
PYT (PrettyYoungThing) - MJ
Do You Remember - Boyz II Men
Selfish - John Legend ft. Yeezy
Healing - Jagged Edge
New Girl - New Boyz
thas'it I want to get Obviously.
Jordan2Retro,Jordan3Retro,VansEra, NikeAirRoyal(Mint)
^Not like this matters to anyone, just sayin ahaha.

Peace, Love, Black/Red/White Rainbows,

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