Sunday, February 28, 2010


I like how I posted about girls. It makes me laugh how stupid I "was"
If you read this, or my last post, don't worry this isn't anger. If you can believe it, this is just a conservative vent lol.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skippy, The Peanut Butter Squirrel.

Ahh what up! Haven't posted a serious "post" in a while, so here we go.

So...I haven't even brought up props yet but, props to Nessa :) ! Goodness thanks for having everyone over haha, bonding was dopes! Even though it wasn't the same cast as last time it was fun as usual. Hope we didn't leave a big mess or anything, wish me & ange could've slept over. (I don't know what's wrong with that child, she's just plain weird!) If you want...we could do it at my house next time?! Anyways thanks again and God bless you :) BTW, yeah dont worry you were a great host haha! Secondly the stupid olympic break...I love how on some of the days where I wanted to chill, my parents would tell me that I needed to do something "important" during the middle of the day and ruins the whole "plans" deal. FML, yeah so they better let me have a spring break too or else im gonna be pissed off! So yeah, I didn't really do much, but I didn't really do nothing either so, I guess rating it a 5/10 ain't bad. Corrina's party! It was dope just as I expected! My performance was...ok I guess, but I feel happy that people tell me I did good even though I know I sucked haha! Thanks again for the invite Corrina! FML again, didn't get to record with Marck today cause someone messed up my plans :( Thanks again! Maybe I'll spend the night away recording some epicness on my own lol. Just me and the instrumental, since I can't play guitar yet, oh yeah! IM GONNA LEARN HOW TO PLAY GUITAR BITCHES! Don't hate, don't hate. Yeah sorry if this thing is random as hell, most of my posts are like this anyways. So...I'm wearing this Jade necklace I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to cause it's some buddhism ish, someone help me out? ANYWAYS, yeah pretty suckish olympic break. Oh yeah Downtown Vancity, its pretty amazing isn't it? Except for the yenno...people who want to start shit? Iunno its hilarious all-round. I find it funny when the lyric in rap songs is "I wanna kiss you in between your thighs" Its like what the fuck...thats the nastiest thing haha. I've spent so much money this month...not even cool, pretty sure im gonna spend some more money tmr, which is both good and bad I guess. BUT WHO CARES, ITS MY BIRTHDAY NEXT MONTH :):):):):):):) Yeah I was never one to celebrate my birthday, maybe I will/probs not. I like how when its of my best friends birthdays i make them videos and shit, we'll see if that happens/once again probs not. Yay, I'm 17 m'fcka ;) March 19, remember it!

In all seriousness...break it down
-Yeah so..shit I'm turning 17, kinda scared haha. But age is nothing but a number isn't it? Ahh, I just think that I need a serious reality check. (People who read this are lucky, they get to see how I really feel) So sometimes you feel like your the shit, when clearly your not. You can talk the m'fckin talk, but you can't walk the m'fckin walk. Which is...the story of my life.
Lesson learned: Be humble, people will respect you more.
-So...i'm probably the most stupid/emotional/delusional kid on this side of the earth, yeah? I'm such a "noob" for hanging on the edge for so long, how many times do I have to write about this situation to get it outta my system. Fck You m'fcker
K Cool?
-Kyle your such a good driver, real talk haha. Thanks for chillin wit me tonight, much love.
-So...yeah I haven't started my homework yet fml. Pretty sure I'm gonna die tomorrow just looking at the paper again, fck. NESSA, WE'RE SCREWED :( hopefully we get most of it done haha.

Anyways yeah sorry for the randomness, dont worry I ain't high.
M'fckinMJMendz. PEACE IT :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sup homo I know your gonna read this, haha.
So yeah I'm not gonna tell you who it is just yet, like I said in due time it'll all be settled out.
Anyways yeah, get better hope your not dying :P

Btw im wearing that leather jacket today haha, hope it doesnt look gay.

MuchLove: MjMendz

Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's just say you're in my Zone.

Call it a diversion.

Every time I think about it/you, it makes me sad/pissed/happy at the same time. Haha f'real its indescribable. Cause you know I'd never say/do anything to harm you, anything to put you down, anything to make you cry. You can always count on me to put that smile on your face.

Don't you realize, I would do anything for you. Or at least I would have...

I'm not gonna bother you or anything. You got my digits, call me up whenever your free. I just wanna check up on you ight.

MuchLove, MjMendz

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Is it safe to say I'm thinking about the summertime already? I know it's only February but it all seems dull to me. Looking back on old times chillin with my homies in the summer when everyone could be down was the best feeling. It's funny because as I'm writing this I'm also listening and jamming out to This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan, fitting isn't it? Anyways all I know is that this summer will be the best summer yet, I can feel it.
For once I won't be:
  • Working?
  • Stuck at home?
  • Babysitting? Well we'll see about that.
  • Bored as fuhhhh.
Yeah but anyways, I already have plans on like...what to do, but who the hell would write that down. I'm heavily contemplating taking summer school in the summer, I mean its six weeks of school in the summer. Sure I'll get ahead but fo'real its summer I couldn't even stay up late at night. Haha the fuck, we already know I sleep at 12 on the daily :P

What am I predicting for olympic break? I dunno? Gym, tan, and yenno...laundry <3>

All I'm saying is, when I'm out there on top, your admiring the shine the feelings of admiration will not be synonymous along with mine. What the hell am I talking about? Youuuuu Knoooooow, cause I don't.

"Baby you should let me love you , let me be the one to, give you everything you want and need."
Happy Valentines Day...1 is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

Haha "f the police" as you hooligans would say, I really could care less what Valentines day is, I could've done something, pretty sure I would just be shot down and thrown in the trash otherwise. Why so emo?

I apologize to those of you who read this, must be entertaining as hell. Anyways I have a soccer game tomorrow playing against younger faggots. I swear if I see that kid someones gonna get knocked the fuuuuuuck out. Haha kidding, not really. yeah kidding. In all seriousness I think I will get a red card tomorrow, hell yeah.
S'all good in the hood friends.

"And maybe sometime we could hook up, hang out, just chill"

Colour Coated Much? GoodLookinOut&MuchLove,
What up what up. Its been a while...2 days really?
Anyways haha I like how people are already talking about me making a cover, fml :S hopefully I live up to the hype lols. I'm lookin to making like 3,4 covers during the break maybe even more. My cover with Kevin of course, no joke this cover's got so much purpose behind it only me and Kevin understand lol. And of course LHD what up nigs! The last cover I wanna do is Lucky by Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Cailait, haha I have no clue how that'll work cause I don't know any girl that can play guitar, or would want to sing with me :P One cover that I really want to do is a Endlessly&GodMustveSpentALittleMoreTimeOnYou cover, it would be dooooopes!

Eventually I`ll AJRafael-it up, sup girls.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


One phrase can sum up this whoooole week. "WTF?"

Haha anyways, shoot this week's been so messed up I don't even know what's going on. My report card was pretty decent besides the fact that my math was a freakin failure. I swear my mom should've beaten me with a stick haha. I feel bad at the fact I didn't get any punishment, Thank the Lord.

Oh YFC...first of all thanks Sam for coming last week. Haha don't worry I wasn't expecting the oddness of that GA either :P Anyways...oh yeah my worship. Thanks to everyone who said I did good lol, don't worry I know I sucked. I'll be better next time, once I get more comfortable. Those people who want to join YFC, JOIN! Especially the peeps at HC who haven't joined yet, do it up yo.

What else can I say? Iunno just a little taste before I go to soccer. Wow's lames -.- I'll reblog later Peace IT!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aye...Have I ever mentioned?

Dear __________,

I put you so high on that pedestal for a reason.
Your flawless to the fullest. I'm not lying when I say that.
I can't find anything that would make me feel less attached, less attracted to you.
You make me smile, you make me happy.
I make you smile, I make you happy.
Your smile brings up my day, I hope I can bring up yours.
You can make me do the stupidest things, even if it makes me look like a fool, I'd still love you for it.
I could sing the night away, serenading you to sleep.
You bug me, I bug you. It's how our system works.
Mesmerizing. Infatuation shouldn't even be mentioned when it comes to you.
ShowStopper you are so hot and I can't get you off my mind <3
I truly mean it when I say, GoodLookinOut&MuchLove.



Have you ever been so sure of anything in your life that it was for certain? Sometimes you withhold these feelings of misconception that can lead you in the completely opposite direction of what you are trying to achieve, so what can you do?

Honestly, I pray to God. Asking Him for guidance, hoping he'll lead me on the right path. When you pray for something, sometimes you hope for a quick response thinking that He will give you a straight up answer right away. But you've got to remember that He works in mysterious ways. My own personal prayer wasn't answered within a few days, or a matter in face my prayer may have just been answered during my "exposition/vent" right now, weird eh! God is good, he most definitely works in mysterious ways. All I can say is, if your prayer isn't solved don't lose faith. Scratch that...Never Lose Faith. Sure you might end up going through tough times in your life but you'll probably come out stronger & wiser than you once were. I know I am and I thank God for every trial he's put me through cause I know I can wake up the next day more blessed than I would've ever imagined.

P.S. Shouts to you, I hope you read this. Miss you fo'real. Always know I'm here for you whenever, wherever. Just know I pray for you, hope they reach out to you and hope you'll be aight. K? Good :)

Thanks to those who read, just remember the Grass'll be Greener on the other side.


Saturday, February 6, 2010


Non-purpose entry I guess :P

Shouts to RTB aka CaptnPepe, KelsMerflo, MVP, and...Jake haha, shiet I miss our summer hang outs and what not. Who knew chillin' in Langley practically everyday could be pretty dope! Whether it was taggin' it up, watchin' the latest flick, watching cats fight, or recording Kyle eating food we always did the stupidest things, but it was all the fun. Hopefully we get back to our usual routine in Summer10' its gon' be legit for sure.


Zomg! Olympics in 1 week no way! ...Haha shoot, I'm sorry but honestly I don't give a hoot about Olympics, goodness its Winter Olympics and its not even snowing/barely cold..what the hell. All I care about in the Olympics is Men's hockey because I love hockey. The benefits of hockey are also good like the new Canada line, Vancity streetcars, and tooooooons more stuff! February will be a good month depending on one thing, and one thing parents reaction to my report card. I'm dreading this day terribly knowing my laptop will be taken away, not being able to go out, and not going to all the parties.


And unfortunately that means that LHD would be in jeopardy too. I'm looking forward to making covers with Marck, Eric, and especially Kevin. But my cover with Kevin comes first. It'll hopefully win over the "peeps" the purpose of our cover alone is enough to motivate us. But honestly I don't give a fuhh' about the report cards...Its time toLockerDown
(Tea and a teaspoon of Olive Oil ftw!)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010



- Swag is that feeling you get when you could bob your head to the music when in fact, no music is being played.
- Swag is when you know you look good, and other people see it too. That feeling where you could holla' at anyone and always get positive feedback :P
- Swag is when the girls smile, and the guys give you dirty looks.
-In times of awkwardness with a girl instead of looking at your phone, make an effort to say what up. = Swag.
- You look just as good in Old Navy as compared to let's say...Gay Ed Hardy. = Swag.

Not Swag.

- Rockin that shit so your jeans are around your thighs and people can see your boxers.
- Rockin Beats by Dr.Dre head phones when.....they are not plugged in to anything.
- Ed Hardy Party?
- Fape, Fair Fordan, Fillionaire Foys Flub? Get it, Get it? ;)
- Being a cocky-ass Guido motherfucker.

Haha random post much, i think so.



"What motivates me is not the decision to move forward, but the decision to move on."

Alright chilren' what up. School's bunk as usual haha, but at least I can focus in school for once. No cell phones in class is actually a good rule. At least I don't have to text "her" anymore shiet, like f'real who are you more commited to? The girl, or the phone! What the hell am I talking about...Anyways yeah what up, I think I've accepted my 1st term failures, should be fine I guess. I just thank God that my mom hasn't raged out on me yet even though she hasn't seen my card yet. Who really knows, I could be dead by February 11th! Seriously though Term 2 is make it or break myself.

"Money motivates the mind. Motivation moves ya body."

Have you ever spent do much time talking/texting/being with someone that they become somewhat of a priority to you? Just be real and know that unless your spending your life with that person, that shits gonna go away, and you'll miss it when your gone. There are certain people that...well what can I say, are attached to each other 24/7? Naming names is suicidal so I'll stfu on that :) But honestly, thats not a good habit, yeah sure chillin with significant others is all good. But what about your family? Your Friends? Your Grades?
Eventually I'll know how to form my blogs into proper writing form haha!

"There are times when you need someone, I will be by your side. There is a light that shines, special for you and me." - The Light by Common.

Shouts to Nessa haha what up, hope this doesn't distract you once again :P

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Commitment Really?

What is commitment. I couldn't tell since i haven't been committed to anything in a very long time.
Let's go through a list shall we:
  • Soccer - I am not commited to soccer whatsoever. I freakin wanna quit this ish' so badly. 11 years of it and I guess its gotten on my nerves. Why do I stick in it? Not sure, I guess those friends I've made for so many years keep me in it. After all, hard work builds character.
  • School - Honestly, I've never been so scared for my marks in my life as I am now. No offense to my classmates..but the people that are not as smart as I am getting better grades than me? I'm sorry but that's really fucked up. But I applaud your achievements. They might just be the things I need to keep myself from slacking off. I'm not trying to hate on your success, I just get really pissed off about that ish :)
So second term is here, fresh new start I guess. Funny thing is how of all the grade levels in high school grade 11 is probably the most important one of all. Too bad most of my friends and I did not realize this till our term 1 marks began to rear their ugly heads. Once again I have this urge to try hard in school not only too please myself, but to please my rents' just to thank them for giving me everything that I have, but I haven't even began to do that have I. Fail at life = MikeMendoza.

January, January, January...what can I say, you were clearly a fucked up way to start my year. I wouldn't say that a lot of shit went down, maybe it just appeared that way. I felt like shit in the beginning of the month, but whatever I learned more in the long-run I guess. I really hope that certain people don't see this but dgaf. It honestly was the worst I felt in a long time. F'real it wasn't even that bad, I don't even know why I was trippin' for so long, I guess it just takes me a long time to get over certain things/people. But whatever I'm good now, better than I was then for sure.

These are what you could call my values in life:

Thank "you" for showing me what I need in my life, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in a month, maybe not in a year. But sometime we could pick this shit up again.

Who needs: The money, cars, clothes, or the hoes? Cause we all no that Cash.Rules.Everything.Around.Me.

Anyways, good first entry? Haha whatever I don't give a fudge about this. Peace It.
Shouts to NessaLicerio :) whaaaaat up haha!

GoodLookinOut & MuchLove:


This picture is the story of my life, ahah