Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skippy, The Peanut Butter Squirrel.

Ahh what up! Haven't posted a serious "post" in a while, so here we go.

So...I haven't even brought up props yet but, props to Nessa :) ! Goodness thanks for having everyone over haha, bonding was dopes! Even though it wasn't the same cast as last time it was fun as usual. Hope we didn't leave a big mess or anything, wish me & ange could've slept over. (I don't know what's wrong with that child, she's just plain weird!) If you want...we could do it at my house next time?! Anyways thanks again and God bless you :) BTW, yeah dont worry you were a great host haha! Secondly the stupid olympic break...I love how on some of the days where I wanted to chill, my parents would tell me that I needed to do something "important" during the middle of the day and ruins the whole "plans" deal. FML, yeah so they better let me have a spring break too or else im gonna be pissed off! So yeah, I didn't really do much, but I didn't really do nothing either so, I guess rating it a 5/10 ain't bad. Corrina's party! It was dope just as I expected! My performance was...ok I guess, but I feel happy that people tell me I did good even though I know I sucked haha! Thanks again for the invite Corrina! FML again, didn't get to record with Marck today cause someone messed up my plans :( Thanks again! Maybe I'll spend the night away recording some epicness on my own lol. Just me and the instrumental, since I can't play guitar yet, oh yeah! IM GONNA LEARN HOW TO PLAY GUITAR BITCHES! Don't hate, don't hate. Yeah sorry if this thing is random as hell, most of my posts are like this anyways. So...I'm wearing this Jade necklace I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to cause it's some buddhism ish, someone help me out? ANYWAYS, yeah pretty suckish olympic break. Oh yeah Downtown Vancity, its pretty amazing isn't it? Except for the yenno...people who want to start shit? Iunno its hilarious all-round. I find it funny when the lyric in rap songs is "I wanna kiss you in between your thighs" Its like what the fuck...thats the nastiest thing haha. I've spent so much money this month...not even cool, pretty sure im gonna spend some more money tmr, which is both good and bad I guess. BUT WHO CARES, ITS MY BIRTHDAY NEXT MONTH :):):):):):):) Yeah I was never one to celebrate my birthday, maybe I will/probs not. I like how when its of my best friends birthdays i make them videos and shit, we'll see if that happens/once again probs not. Yay, I'm 17 m'fcka ;) March 19, remember it!

In all seriousness...break it down
-Yeah so..shit I'm turning 17, kinda scared haha. But age is nothing but a number isn't it? Ahh, I just think that I need a serious reality check. (People who read this are lucky, they get to see how I really feel) So sometimes you feel like your the shit, when clearly your not. You can talk the m'fckin talk, but you can't walk the m'fckin walk. Which is...the story of my life.
Lesson learned: Be humble, people will respect you more.
-So...i'm probably the most stupid/emotional/delusional kid on this side of the earth, yeah? I'm such a "noob" for hanging on the edge for so long, how many times do I have to write about this situation to get it outta my system. Fck You m'fcker
K Cool?
-Kyle your such a good driver, real talk haha. Thanks for chillin wit me tonight, much love.
-So...yeah I haven't started my homework yet fml. Pretty sure I'm gonna die tomorrow just looking at the paper again, fck. NESSA, WE'RE SCREWED :( hopefully we get most of it done haha.

Anyways yeah sorry for the randomness, dont worry I ain't high.
M'fckinMJMendz. PEACE IT :)

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