Wednesday, February 3, 2010



- Swag is that feeling you get when you could bob your head to the music when in fact, no music is being played.
- Swag is when you know you look good, and other people see it too. That feeling where you could holla' at anyone and always get positive feedback :P
- Swag is when the girls smile, and the guys give you dirty looks.
-In times of awkwardness with a girl instead of looking at your phone, make an effort to say what up. = Swag.
- You look just as good in Old Navy as compared to let's say...Gay Ed Hardy. = Swag.

Not Swag.

- Rockin that shit so your jeans are around your thighs and people can see your boxers.
- Rockin Beats by Dr.Dre head phones when.....they are not plugged in to anything.
- Ed Hardy Party?
- Fape, Fair Fordan, Fillionaire Foys Flub? Get it, Get it? ;)
- Being a cocky-ass Guido motherfucker.

Haha random post much, i think so.


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