Saturday, February 6, 2010


Non-purpose entry I guess :P

Shouts to RTB aka CaptnPepe, KelsMerflo, MVP, and...Jake haha, shiet I miss our summer hang outs and what not. Who knew chillin' in Langley practically everyday could be pretty dope! Whether it was taggin' it up, watchin' the latest flick, watching cats fight, or recording Kyle eating food we always did the stupidest things, but it was all the fun. Hopefully we get back to our usual routine in Summer10' its gon' be legit for sure.


Zomg! Olympics in 1 week no way! ...Haha shoot, I'm sorry but honestly I don't give a hoot about Olympics, goodness its Winter Olympics and its not even snowing/barely cold..what the hell. All I care about in the Olympics is Men's hockey because I love hockey. The benefits of hockey are also good like the new Canada line, Vancity streetcars, and tooooooons more stuff! February will be a good month depending on one thing, and one thing parents reaction to my report card. I'm dreading this day terribly knowing my laptop will be taken away, not being able to go out, and not going to all the parties.


And unfortunately that means that LHD would be in jeopardy too. I'm looking forward to making covers with Marck, Eric, and especially Kevin. But my cover with Kevin comes first. It'll hopefully win over the "peeps" the purpose of our cover alone is enough to motivate us. But honestly I don't give a fuhh' about the report cards...Its time toLockerDown
(Tea and a teaspoon of Olive Oil ftw!)


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