Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Commitment Really?

What is commitment. I couldn't tell since i haven't been committed to anything in a very long time.
Let's go through a list shall we:
  • Soccer - I am not commited to soccer whatsoever. I freakin wanna quit this ish' so badly. 11 years of it and I guess its gotten on my nerves. Why do I stick in it? Not sure, I guess those friends I've made for so many years keep me in it. After all, hard work builds character.
  • School - Honestly, I've never been so scared for my marks in my life as I am now. No offense to my classmates..but the people that are not as smart as I am getting better grades than me? I'm sorry but that's really fucked up. But I applaud your achievements. They might just be the things I need to keep myself from slacking off. I'm not trying to hate on your success, I just get really pissed off about that ish :)
So second term is here, fresh new start I guess. Funny thing is how of all the grade levels in high school grade 11 is probably the most important one of all. Too bad most of my friends and I did not realize this till our term 1 marks began to rear their ugly heads. Once again I have this urge to try hard in school not only too please myself, but to please my rents' just to thank them for giving me everything that I have, but I haven't even began to do that have I. Fail at life = MikeMendoza.

January, January, January...what can I say, you were clearly a fucked up way to start my year. I wouldn't say that a lot of shit went down, maybe it just appeared that way. I felt like shit in the beginning of the month, but whatever I learned more in the long-run I guess. I really hope that certain people don't see this but dgaf. It honestly was the worst I felt in a long time. F'real it wasn't even that bad, I don't even know why I was trippin' for so long, I guess it just takes me a long time to get over certain things/people. But whatever I'm good now, better than I was then for sure.

These are what you could call my values in life:

Thank "you" for showing me what I need in my life, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in a month, maybe not in a year. But sometime we could pick this shit up again.

Who needs: The money, cars, clothes, or the hoes? Cause we all no that Cash.Rules.Everything.Around.Me.

Anyways, good first entry? Haha whatever I don't give a fudge about this. Peace It.
Shouts to NessaLicerio :) whaaaaat up haha!

GoodLookinOut & MuchLove:

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