Sunday, February 7, 2010


Have you ever been so sure of anything in your life that it was for certain? Sometimes you withhold these feelings of misconception that can lead you in the completely opposite direction of what you are trying to achieve, so what can you do?

Honestly, I pray to God. Asking Him for guidance, hoping he'll lead me on the right path. When you pray for something, sometimes you hope for a quick response thinking that He will give you a straight up answer right away. But you've got to remember that He works in mysterious ways. My own personal prayer wasn't answered within a few days, or a matter in face my prayer may have just been answered during my "exposition/vent" right now, weird eh! God is good, he most definitely works in mysterious ways. All I can say is, if your prayer isn't solved don't lose faith. Scratch that...Never Lose Faith. Sure you might end up going through tough times in your life but you'll probably come out stronger & wiser than you once were. I know I am and I thank God for every trial he's put me through cause I know I can wake up the next day more blessed than I would've ever imagined.

P.S. Shouts to you, I hope you read this. Miss you fo'real. Always know I'm here for you whenever, wherever. Just know I pray for you, hope they reach out to you and hope you'll be aight. K? Good :)

Thanks to those who read, just remember the Grass'll be Greener on the other side.


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