Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"What motivates me is not the decision to move forward, but the decision to move on."

Alright chilren' what up. School's bunk as usual haha, but at least I can focus in school for once. No cell phones in class is actually a good rule. At least I don't have to text "her" anymore shiet, like f'real who are you more commited to? The girl, or the phone! What the hell am I talking about...Anyways yeah what up, I think I've accepted my 1st term failures, should be fine I guess. I just thank God that my mom hasn't raged out on me yet even though she hasn't seen my card yet. Who really knows, I could be dead by February 11th! Seriously though Term 2 is make it or break myself.

"Money motivates the mind. Motivation moves ya body."

Have you ever spent do much time talking/texting/being with someone that they become somewhat of a priority to you? Just be real and know that unless your spending your life with that person, that shits gonna go away, and you'll miss it when your gone. There are certain people that...well what can I say, are attached to each other 24/7? Naming names is suicidal so I'll stfu on that :) But honestly, thats not a good habit, yeah sure chillin with significant others is all good. But what about your family? Your Friends? Your Grades?
Eventually I'll know how to form my blogs into proper writing form haha!

"There are times when you need someone, I will be by your side. There is a light that shines, special for you and me." - The Light by Common.

Shouts to Nessa haha what up, hope this doesn't distract you once again :P

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