Saturday, February 13, 2010

What up what up. Its been a while...2 days really?
Anyways haha I like how people are already talking about me making a cover, fml :S hopefully I live up to the hype lols. I'm lookin to making like 3,4 covers during the break maybe even more. My cover with Kevin of course, no joke this cover's got so much purpose behind it only me and Kevin understand lol. And of course LHD what up nigs! The last cover I wanna do is Lucky by Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Cailait, haha I have no clue how that'll work cause I don't know any girl that can play guitar, or would want to sing with me :P One cover that I really want to do is a Endlessly&GodMustveSpentALittleMoreTimeOnYou cover, it would be dooooopes!

Eventually I`ll AJRafael-it up, sup girls.


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