Sunday, March 7, 2010

1Way, 2Do, 3Words, 4You.


Ayoooo what up, what can I say. Sucks that I don't have spring break and everyone else does, thats cool. Anyways I find it funny how errbody seems to be "goin out" :P (Hello Sam...:P ) And im just chillin here, alone fml...Haha jokes s'all good I guess I'm a work in progress. Cause there actually is someone that I'm into you could say...lulz I dont even know yo. So yeah, dont really know what to do. Taking my time is so gay, but at the same time I dont wanna force it or anything, yenno. But at the same time I should "man-up" as they say. Iunno, no rush. Or is it? ;)
BTW look out for a Lemonade cover with Me & Kevin in the near future!
This week I received some advice from one of my friends, "Don't Be A Faggot!" I dont know about you, best advise i've heard in a long time haha

Anyways MuchLove,

"Hello world, this for the guys who said I get no girls. This is for the girls who said I had no great looks, now those same girls wanna add me on Facebook."

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