Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Said, Ooh Girl.

What up What up

  Sup, haha I like how I didn't make a post about how my birthday went, whatever its dondeez now and I'm not really in the mood anymore sorry! Soooo, I had an interesting talk with Nessa today hahaha :) (Im not gonna go in details) So basically, I was in a situation...well I can't even explain it. LOL BASICALLY, she used the classic phrase "Would you want some guy to be doing that with your sister" and I was like, I think not? Haha anyways, she definitely cleared my head from all the things that were tying knots in my head haha. So don't worry Ness, even if I do "you know what" I'll take care of her haha <3 Oh and Religion class, pretty sure it was the most interesting class of the day for once lol! Basically Friedman got friccckin told by Nessa haha peace out! Oh yeah ERock your so gay for playing that song in know ;) but your forgivin for making a legit plan gj.

Oh yeah, i just started watching Timothy DeLaGhetto vids on youtube recently, this dude is hilaaaaaaarious haha!

Anyways Peace, Love, and LOL Smiley Face,

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