Thursday, March 11, 2010


First of all, I'm too lazy to make my blog look "fancy" so I just added an LB picture? Haha good touch!
Fuck what you heard, I'm not tied down. I don't know how that's getting around, I wish I was haha jokes, jokes. But anyways whats good? Haven't really "posted" in a while I know. To be honest I've been kinda frustrated lately. Tryin' to figure what I should be doing, Freakin Course Selections are due tomorrow and I still have like 4 or 5 classes to fill in, and what am I doing, blogging of course. I don't know what the huge fascination  of blogging is, I'm still trying to figure out.

"Michael Mendoza, notorious for his random vents/outbursts." - Everyone.

In all seriousness I think that blogging can be good for you. Even though random-ass people at HC that I don't even know read my blog, THANKS :) Even though...yeah yenno. S'all good though, cause at least my opinion is getting out, sure k thanks again? I like how my friends from soccer and my friends from the football team watch my covers on facebook and don't mention it to me until I see them in person, AB haha!

Random Moment: Think back 3 weeks ago. I remember I was going to a pizza party event with my soccer team, being the only Filipino on the team I felt that it was purely my obligation to appear 30 minutes late. (Yeah y'all know what I mean haha!) Anyways, when I arrived they were all looking at me. All I could do is sit down silently, look up, and say, "What Up?" in an akward face. Apparently that was the first time they've seen me out of a soccer outfit, and they were going on about my style, "Hey, Mike's got swag. Hey I'm feelin Mike's outfit." And all I could do was not my head and say, "Thanks?" AHA anyways thanks kids.

If I don't respond to you on msn, text, or facebook please don't hate me! I have short-term memory loss and i am a schizophrenic.(Clearly looked up how to spell skitzofranic) But yeah if you really wanna talk or chill, freakin call me. Cause people always ask me to chill over msn and that other crazy stuff and I'm always like, "Oh yeah sure, whenever's cool" And then when "whenever" comes around, nothing ends up happening. So yeah just call me.

Last off, its almost my freakin birthday...I still don't really know what to do. Or what to ask for... :) All I know is that just means im that much closer to graduation, ma gaaaad.

Course Selection Choices? BeeTeeDub, my sheet is crumpled, they're probably going to expel me for this..

  • English 12 - I actually like English, well the creative writing for the most part.
  • Religion 12 - It's not YFC, I can tell you that. I wish it was.
  • Biology 12 - I actually like Bio, and I can stay interested in it.
  • Law 12- Hell yeah, Just try and dis my mama, I'll come at you with a rebuttal.
  • Physics 11- Cause everyone else is taking it...JOKES!
  • Other possibilities I'm not sure of: Foods, Writing, PE 12, Geography?
All I can say is, I really wan't a spare. People doing French 12 are crazy -.- And I still don't know what to choose omfg... Am I really supposed to decide my life by tomorrow, cause it sure seems like it.

I really feel like pouring out right now but fuck it/fuck you :)

MuchLove, I luhhh you...Tres Hurt Anyone?

P.S. You're so fuckin hurt. Just stop it, you know who you are. And yes if your second guessing if its you, it obviously is.

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