Tuesday, March 2, 2010


What I learned just now as I'm writing this is, is that some times you just have to do things on your own. Don't ask anyone for help, and don't tell anybody. Once your goal is achieved, then you can brag lol!

Oh March, the best month of the year how I've missed you. I love how I have no pro-d days in March, I love that most of my friends have spring break, and I love how many times I've had to resist scratching my eyes due to my stupid and I mean S.t.u.p.i.d allergies! Haha you know what its alright though, cause March has been pretty dopes so far. What's today...March 2? Yeah March 2nd anyways, I'm thinking that today was actually a pretty good day! I can't really explain it though, I guess everyone just seemed chilled, joined track (not officially), thought I did well on my English in-class write up, hopefully? aha Nevertheless, good day (Y)

So since its the beginning of March I might as well do this...
Btw side comment before I forget it: Some people are really emotional and just build it up, lemme tell you let's just say I've got a lot of "spirit" and my "spirit" tends to get out of hand sometimes, JUST SAYIN' :P

Anyways what I'm trying to do is this: What will your March be like?
  • Well first off...Its ma birthday, lets just say I'm one of those losers who hypes up his birthday to the world so errbody will know! But my other entry to see how I feel about turning dix-sept ans. I honestly don't know what I'm doing with my birthday. Lemme see, the usual fam party where I get all the dough, haha KIDDING much love though. Umm chill sesh with HC, do it ups! And of course chill sesh with the "bestfriends."
  • So, I demonstrated my Canadian pride last month right? So now Its time to demonstrate my filipino pride. How will I do this you may ask? Well I dunno, shouting like a fuckin maniac when Manny Pacquiao fights?! Haha shieet thas wassup. March 13, on your calendar, remember that. If you don't watch I will fight you myself. But it's usually a struggle deciding where to watch the Pacquiao fight with my family. I wanna watch it with ma homies, but my family thinks its like...a family gathering or someshit. Well technically it is but, what the hell, its not easter or anything come on now. All I'm saying is that if you are the person who is watching with me, you should really bring a camera and record me spazzing out. At least I think its awesome haha!
  • Okay so first of all, I really don't give a m'fck what you think about me when I say, POKEMON COMES OUT NEXT WEEK. Holy shit, I think this is what I'm most excited about haha. I swear if you see me in my free time, I will probably be playing this shit, hell I'll probably be playing this shit till the end of the year. Straight up ;P I dunno about you, but Pokemon is like...a childhood passion that will stick with me fo' life.
Okay so if your wondering, I actually have vents on my Blackberry. Its hilarious, cause its so much more personal than blogger. Sorry for my eyes only ;) And hope I gave you something interesting to read Nessa :) lols!

Yenno, they say don't turn the page, it will only ruin your chances. But how about we take that chance.
MuchLove, MjMendz

P.S. If you wanna get me something for my birthday get me Ray-Ban Wayfarers, cause I really don't wanna buy them myself <3>

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