Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Your My Strength When I Wan't To Give In.

This is the one where I go all Religious on you,

Going to a Catholic school we have the privilege of going to mass at lunchtime on your own choice. I know people think it's uncool or whatever just the idea of wanting to go to lunchtime mass(if you go to HC y'all know what I mean) Anyways, I think its like the perfect opportunity for everyone. Sometimes I feel that people don't really care about praying or anything considering religion unless they're getting something in return. Like I know just "praying" is good right? But like, people will just pray for an A on their test, or a Xbox for their birthday. Maybe they get it, maybe they don't. Regardless, after this event has happened people just stop praying not even giving thanks upstairs^
Im not trying to be a priest or anything, all I'm saying is that you should just make an effort to give thanks for the little things.

If you're not Catholic/Christian...this is akward.

If you're reading this maybe you should like, read a book or some shit haha JOKES,
Ight, PzEzy

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