Monday, March 8, 2010


He takes a glance into the future.
Unsure of where he wants to be, who he wants to be.
Not knowing of what he could become, limitless potential.
Unable to acknowledge everyone around him.
Learning about humility everyday of his life.
Always looking back, barely looking forward.

He wants to be everything she wants him to be & more.
She just wants him to get lost.
He would do anything for her, anything to make her smile,
She doesn't understand, keeps him waiting a while.
He waits day after day, for that second chance.
She has no idea of what she really wants,
He knows she's exactly what he wants & more.
And it's funny cause she doesn't have a clue,
That he's totally in love with her.

Maybe he'll get his chance, who knows.
One day he'll move on, move on from his old ways.
Accompanied with fortune, friends, family, and his faith.
Nothing but his heart on his sleeve, and a smile on his face.
He'll persevere and break free from his two-dimensional self.

"We fall only to rise up again. We set goals, only to exceed them. We believe in our destinies so we can persevere."

MJMendz. P.S. dont think its me..cause its not :)

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