Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TrésHurt #2

Shop Friday "Sumo Money, I got Heavy Paper"
Party Saturday

  1. Hope It actually goes down
  2. Hope "everyone" goes.
  3. Chill on my roof, yenno.
  4. Watch Up? Yay, finally
  5. Goodies? Yes please.
  6. Play COD
  7. Possibly Record
  8. Don't piss off rents?
  9. Get acquainted again..?
  10. Have fun, check check.
Ahh yeah so I know I'm asking a lot this week from my fam, with a party and all. Just hope that everything goes down, and everyone can come. No joke, it wouldn't be the same if one of you couldn't come, the whole dynamics of the system would be flawed to the highest degree of extendability to the Bank of Montreal. Don't ask me about the whole Bank Of Montreal thing, I think I'm drunk and don't know what I'm talking about. But I don't know if I'm drunk cause I've been home all day and I've never consumed an alcoholic beverage in my life...

I know we're not supposed to go to church for like.... possessive natures in mind, but like..I'm trtying to go to church all week just to like, pray to God that this stuff goes down yenno.? Yeeah I know I'm a bk, but I just hope everything and everyone goes if i haven't said this before.

Praise, Love, Eat, Sleep.

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