Thursday, March 18, 2010

IknowYouLoveMe, IKnowYouCare. JustShoutWhenever, AndI'llBeThere.

I don't know why, I'm freakin out so I can get this done before 12. You could call this the "BirthdayBlog"
Here we go.

  Remember the days when you were in grade 7? Not really a care for school, life was all about chillin with friends, maybe you had a little crush when you were 12, 13. Ahh elementary school love, I remember it well haha. Doing the most corny-ass stuff like putting I Love "So and So" as your msn name? Haha y'all know what I mean, I even remember you guys doing it, you know what I mean ;) Good times, reminiscin' like mad right now just before I turn uhh..17 hard to spit it out. Fck, I miss it soo much right now, and I don't even know why. What other things did I do in grade 7? Uhh...just constantly on msn,(not so much now, I think?) VancouverXChange,(So embarrrasing) and of course the infamous Nexopia -.- I think I still remember it, but let's not go there shall we. Being excited for High School and what not. I know I was. I had so many choices to go to: Holy Cross of course, Johnston Heights, and Fleetwood Park. The reason of why I chose HC is beyond me and a choice I still haven't comprehended to this day. But honestly I love my friends, they have my back for everything I do, most of them anyways. I know errbody knows I put down HC a lot, but it's not cause of you guys, remember that now.
  All I know is that I'm becoming less of a kid I guess, growing up is tough. Next thing you know I'll be graduating, going to university, deciding my whole life. Oh wait...I am graduating soon, and going to university.
Fack I'm so old, it makes me sad. I know that some people just treat their birthday like nothing and would rather keep it to themselves, but I'm not afraid to go up to people and be like, DID YOU KNOW ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! (Besides the whole birthday-beating system, yenno...fck you guys) But yeah haha, I'm so gay I know.
  So yeah obvs, I'm gonna post this on my Facebook page, and if you say happy birthday thanks so much, I'll remember it f'reals. Whoever's first, good luck to you. Kirby Santos claims to be number 1?
  Eventually I'll grow up and forget about all my little problems, outbreaks, spazz-out moments, gayness, fail attempts that equals Michael Mendoza.
  Just wanna thank God for giving me 17 years of a wonderful life. Ups&Downs Good&Bad, I always have someone, something there to protect me, save me, love me.

Ahhhhhh so much building up in my mind right now, hard to get it all out. Hopefully I did yenno ^UP^ there?

Happy birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me.

P.S. I'm kinda mad at my fam right now -.- So if by some mystical-godlike-force you see this, sorry for being a brat? Yeh K Pce.

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